USFRA Survey: The Future Of Food

The US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance just released the results of a recent survey as part of their food dialogues initiative that the USFRA hopes will "bring together different viewpoints on farming and ranching and the future of food."

Consumers think about food production constantly, yet know very little about how food is brought to the dinner table.

Overwhelmingly, farmers and ranchers share the same values as consumers.

Farmers and ranchers know a divide exists between consumers and their food.

Consumers are firmly divided on the direction of modern agriculture.

Here's a helpful infographic that displays the main results of the survey.

Some have questioned the validity of industry-funded research like this, but we think it's a start. Increasingly educated food consumers mean growing demand for healthier food, and the more ranchers and farmers that listen to consumers, the more we can expect food production to become generally more sustainable, cleaner, and healthier.