Butcher Hall Of Fame--Part I

Well, that wasn't exactly what we were expecting when we called for your favorite butchers, but it's true we didn't specify that your candidates had to be real people. So without further ado, we give you our first installment of the Estancia Beef Butcher Hall of Fame.

Sam the Butcher

Played by actor Allan Melvin, Sam was the Brady family's go-to man for fine meat. He owned the local butcher shop, dated the Brady's live-in housekeeper Alice, and in real life was a graduate of Columbia University.

Fun Fact: Sam's last name was Franklin, and by the time of The Brady Girls Get Married, a made-for-TV movie broadcast in 1981, Alice and Sam were married.

RIP Sam The Butcher(Allan Melvin)

Bill the Butcher

Played by Oscar-magnet Daniel Day-Lewis in the Scorsese-helmed Gangs of New York, Bill was based on William Poole, a member of the New York City gang, the Bowery Boys, and a successful bare-knuckle boxer. Poole's parents opened a butcher shop in Washington Market in what is now the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which young William eventually took over.

Fun Fact: Bill the Butcher is also the name of an excellent chain of meat shops in Washington state.

Bill the Butcher

Dave the Butcher

His name is Dave Budworth and you can find him breaking down fine carcasses at Marina Meats, one of our favorite butcher shops in San Francisco.

Fun Fact: Scroll down to watch a video of Dave carving up a pig.