Are You A Cosmovore?

We've talked about Epicurean Solarvores. And everyone who loves and cares about food should read, but have you heard about the Cosmovores? No? Katherine Mangu-Ward is jawing about it over at Reason's blog.

She was inspired by Charles Kenny's blog post at Foreign Policy's blog (which makes this post sort of the blogosphere's equivalent of an exotic currency default swap--a derivative of a derivative).

...First-World food fetishes are positively terrible for the world's poorest people. If you want to do the right thing, give up on locavorism and organics ├╝ber alles and become a globally conscious grocery buyer. This should be the age of the "cosmovore" -- cosmopolitan consumers of the world's food.

We've talked a lot about how dogmatic locavores get it wrong, and how Estancia's carbon footprint is comparable or smaller than locally-produced, grass-fed beef, but "cosmovore?"

Nice try Charles Kenny, but we're just not sold on the neologism. Sounds like a fast-food restaurant chain that Cogswell Cogs and Spaceley Sprockets from the Jetsons would open together if they could ever put aside their competitive differences (an absurdly esoteric analysis of which you will find here blogged from a inveterate salesman's perspective by a fellow named Scotty Miller.)

We'll stick with Epicurean Solarvore. Or maybe we'll amend it to Ethicurean Solarvore. Or is the ethical piece already covered by the solar part? Not if we want to capture the animal welfare aspect, right?

So that's gonna be our new cri de coeur around here. Ethicurean Solarvores unite! Treat yourselves to an Estancia steak or burger! Grass-fed, pasture-raised, never a feedlot, raised with love for the land, the animals, and the planet.