Acacia Restaurant In Tucson

Just a three-minute drive from AJ's Fine Foods in Tuscon is one of the best restaurants in the entire fine state of Arizona--Acacia. "Real Food and cocktails" is how they bill their fare. We'd add "delicious and healthy" after "Real" and "strong" before "cocktails." But we're no experts in restaurant marketing.

Executive chef (and co-owner with his wife Lila) Albert Hall has done a remarkable job producing a menu that combines the best locally-produced food with the healthiest and tastiest imports, like organic salmon from Scotland and (full disclosure) grass-fed, pasture-raised beef from Uruguay.

Acacia is proud to announce the next generation of seasonal menu offerings. Emphasis has been placed on sustainability as well as value. We believe that local, sustainable and naturally produced foods are inherently better for consumption than the alternative. Whenever possible we buy local, all natural, pesticide and herbicide free as well as certified organic products. A special thanks to Allen's Organics of Tucson, the micro farmers and ranchers of southern Arizona, Painted Cave Cattle Company of Arivaipa and Estancia Beef of Uruguay. Without their partnership this would not be possible.

We think that makes Chef Hall and everyone who eats at Acacia Ethicurean Solarvores. Welcome to the club!